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We are excited to offer a wonderful new program, “An American Journey”, which we have recently performed on recitals in the Chicago area. This program features prominent American composers, original compositions by Faye Seeman, and arrangements by and for the Kithara Trio. Our newest addition is a superb rendition of “America The Beautiful” by composer/pianist/conductor Michael Duff. Here are a few selections of repertoire from our other programs available

Here are a few samples from each program:

     Images by Lori Laitman

     Vocalise by Wilbur Chenoweth Faye Seeman

     Fayed to Blue by Faye Seeman

    American Folk Song Trio by Dewey Owens

    Apres un Reve by Gabriel Faure

    As Snow Falls inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost by Faye Seeman

    An American Journey to hear a live retail visit our Media page.



Hello world!

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